"All that energy! Wow! Thank you seems inadequate to express our appreciation for your wonderful talent and your meaningful message." - Shirley Harris, Vice President Michigan Association of Hospital Auxiliaries
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what is csp?

The designation Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) is the speaking industry’s international measure of excellence. CSP is conferred only on those who meet strict criteria. The letters CSP, indicate a speaking professional with proven ability to deliver consistent value and client satisfaction. Fewer than ten percent of the 4,700 members of the International Federation for Profesisonal Speakers hold this prestigious designation.

Basically, CSP’s rock! Brad is proud to be a member of their ranks.

Read more about how tough it is to earn the CSP at:


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sample introduction

Are you ready for some magic that could refocus and energize your team?

Brad Barton, author of the book Beyond Illusions, will help us do that through the Magic of Positive Perception.

Life is more exciting–work environments more fun and friendly–personal lives more rewarding–when we look Beyond Illusions and find the real magic that is in us.

Brad is a Certified Speaking Professional, serves as president of the Mountain West Chapter of the National Speakers Association and is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He’s an NCAA athletic and academic All-American. For the past decade he has been inspiring the likes of Kimberly Clark, Mayo Clinic, State Farm, Kroger, Department of Defense, NASA and even the IRS - and now it’s our turn.

Are you ready for some real magic?

Let’s welcome Brad Barton!


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"Meet the Bartons"

Brad Barton's Family

Brad & Alydia






Sienna May

Avery Grace


Brad & Alydia:

Brad & Alydia Barton

Alydia and I met as teammates while both on track scholarship at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. We married our senior year in college and hoped to be blessed with a large family. I was a middle-distance track star and Alydia’s specialty was 10,000 m so we hoped our offspring would share our talent and passion for long-distance running.

Check us out 19 years later. We have truly been blessed indeed.



Alydia Barton

(Sweet Pea) She serves as Brad's Office Manager, Travel Agent and CFO. She's a high school head track coach, mathematics instructor, elite marathon runner, Sunday school leader, wife and mother of six. In short, she is one busy lady!

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, her parents returned to Federal Way, Washington when she was six years old. She excelled in high school track and cross-country and earned a scholarship to run for Weber State University where she studied mathematics and received her secondary education teaching certificate.

She qualified for the US Olympic Marathon Trials and has a lifetime best marathon time of 2:49.36.



Jacob Barton

(Jacobman) Our 17-year-old high school senior, a.k.a. "The Cross King" won both the Utah 3A Cross-Country Championship his Junior year, and the state 4A cross-country crown his Senior year. He loves BC calculus, seminary, and psychology.

Jacob is a dedicated athlete. He runs 50 to 70 miles per week. He spends his evenings with homework (he maintains a 3.99 GPA - Utah High School All-Academic Team), video games, Facebook, and eating - a lot!

Jacob has recently accepted an academic and cross-country/track scholarship at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. He will run for the Aggies and study engineering beginning fall 2010. He plans to serve a two-year full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints between his freshman and sophomore years at USU.



Aubrey Barton

(Brie girl) Our 14-year-old high school Freshman, thankfully, loves horses more than boys. She enjoys spending part of her summer at the family cattle ranch in Salmon, Idaho. A gifted artist, she won Best of Show in her school districts art competition. (She likes the ribbon, but I think she was more impressed with the several hundred dollars that came with the honor.)

She is a voracious reader, an entrepreneur, and enjoys beekeeping with her dad.

Aubrey is also a gifted runner, maintaining her varsity spot on the second best girls cross-country team in the state of Utah.



Garrett Barton

(Mr. G.) This is dad's fishing, hunting, gardening, baseball buddy. An 11-year-old fifth-grader, he enjoys reading fantasy, writing science fiction, time with friends, and anything that involves guns or fishing rods. His lifelong dream was fulfilled last summer when he caught a 52 pound King Salmon with his dad in Alaska.

Garrett shows real promise as a long-distance runner. He's fast on the track, but get him on a mountain trail and he leaves his elite-runner mom in the dust and his NCAA All-American dad gasping for air. The kid is an animal!



Mareina Barton

(Mary Miss) She loves to run and owns a fistful of ribbons to prove how good she is at it but her favorite sport is gymnastics. She started training last year but has caught up with and surpassed many of her peers who have been at it for years. She is our fearless one and has a high pain threshold. She broke her hand at the gym but didn't mention it to anyone for fear of missing out on some of the fun.

As an eight-year-old, friends are very important to Mariena but she still loves giving her dad back rubs and plenty of XOXO. She is also the family gift giver. She loves doing anonymous kind acts of loving service. Her favorite subjects in school are art, reading and PE.


Sienna May:

Sienna May Barton

(Miss E May) Our adorable 4-year-old daughter is physically small but she packs a giant personality. She’s emotional, strong-willed and determined. She has an insatiable sweet tooth and is a great help taking care of her baby sister.

She loves going to track practice with her head coach mother where she is anxious to run laps with the jumpers and throwers. The standing rule for the field athletes is that they have to at least keep up with the four-year-old (which is no easy task - this kid loves to run!).


Avery Grace:

Avery Grace Barton

The terrible twos have struck a year early! She is like a tornado in a diaper! She is in constant need of new information and experience. With a mischievous grin, she quickly leaves one disaster area and heads off for a new destructive adventure. She has no need to learn to speak as her siblings are happy to cater to her needs. Our family cannot imagine life without her.


brad's happy clients:

  • Arizona:
    • Arizona 4-H JOLT Conference
    • Arizona Charter School Association
    • Arizona Governors Conference on Volunteers
    • Arizona School-Age Coalition
    • Chino Valley Unified School District
    • Kingman Academy, Arizona
    • Lake Havasu Young Women Conference
    • Maricopa County School District
    • Mammoth-San Manuel School Day Plus
    • Pinal County School District
    • Pinal County School-Age Care
    • Telesis Preparatory Academy
  • California:
    • California School Alliance Convention
    • California School-Age Care Alliance Older Kids Conference
    • Sanger Unified School District
    • St. Anastasia
  • Colorado:
    • Colorado FBLA Conference
    • Colorado State 4-H Conference
    • Colorado State Americorp/Vista Leadership Conference
    • Western States Job Corp Conference
  • Florida:
    • International Crime Watch Convention
    • Osceola County School District
  • Georgia:
    • YMCA Greater Atlanta
  • Idaho:
    • Dayton School District
    • Idaho STARS Training
    • Lewiston School District
    • Lemhi School District
    • Northwest Regional Summit on Youth
    • Tetonia School District
    • The Learning Academy, Driggs, Idaho
  • Illinois:
    • Illinois Association of Financial Aid Administration
    • Illinois Association of School Business Administrators Conference
    • Spoon River Valley School District
    • V.I.T. School Prevention Summit
    • Western Illinois University
  • Indiana:
    • Atterbury Job Corps
  • Iowa:
    • Iowa After-School Alliance
  • Kentucky:
    • Kentucky Youth Crime Watch Conference
  • Louisiana:
    • Louisiana State Office of Education
  • Maryland:
    • Maryland Institute Collage of Art
  • Massachusetts:
    • Greater Westfield Massachusetts School District
    • Westfield School District
  • Missouri:
    • Missouri School-Age Care Coalition
    • Southland Professional Development Institute, Lee Summit, Missouri
  • Montana:
    • Harlem School District
    • Montana Office of Public Instruction
    • Poplar School District
  • New Jersey:
    • New Jersey School-Age Care Coalition
    • Newark, New Jersey School District After-School Providers Conference
  • New Hampshire:
    • Plymouth New Hampshire School District
  • New Mexico:
    • New Mexico State Office of Education
  • Nevada:
    • Professional Development Institute, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • North Dakota:
    • Trenton School District
  • Oklahoma:
    • Oklahoma Governor’s Safe Schools Summit
    • Oklahoma Future Farmers of America Leadership Conference
    • Oklahoma Future Farmers of America Convention
    • Oklahoma Regional Prevention Summit
    • Owasso School District
  • Oregon:
    • Ike Box Youth Empowerment
    • Oregon School-Age Care Coalition
  • Pennsylvania:
    • Chambersburg Area School District
    • Fannett Metal School District
    • Northern Tioga School District
  • South Dakota:
    • Kids Club, Spearfish, South Dakota
    • Plankinton School District
    • South Dakota 4-H Conference
    • South Dakota School-Age Care Alliance
  • Texas:
    • McLennan County Youth Leader Summit
    • Texas Home School Association
    • Cooperative for After-School Enrichment, Harris County, Texas
  • Utah:
    • Beta Alpha Psi, Weber State University
    • Clearfield Job Corps Leadership Training
    • Discovery Academy
    • Granite School District Teen Forum
    • Iron County School District
    • International Crime Watch Convention
    • Mountainland Head Start
    • Salt Lake City School District
    • Southern Utah University
    • SLC Olympic Organizing Committee ‘Youth Engaged in Service’
    • Tobacco-Free Youth Summit
    • Tooele County Prevention Summit
    • Utah Association of Student Councils
    • Utah DEX Conference
    • Utah Elementary Student Council
    • Utah Rural Schools Conference
    • Utah Secondary Principals Association Conference
    • Utah School For the Deaf and Blind
    • Utah School Secretary Conference
    • Utah School-Age Care Alliance
    • Utah State Office of Education
    • Utah Home Education Association Teen Convention
    • Utah DCFS Transition to Adult Living Conference
    • Utah Governor’s Youth Council State Conference
    • Utah PTA Convention
    • Utah Youth Court Conference
    • Utah Youth City Council Convention
    • Wasatch School District
    • Weber Basin Job Corps Life Skills Celebration
    • Weber State University Student Association Leadership Forum
    • Weber State University First Year Experience Conference
    • Youth Crime Watch of America
    • Youth of Promise Summit
  • Washington:
    • Asotin-Anatone School District
    • Healthy Youth Community Coalition Conference
    • Ritzville School District
    • Southeast Washington Middle School Prevention Conference
    • Tulalip Tribal School District
    • Washington State FBLA
    • Washington State Prevention Summit
    • Washington State Prevention Celebration Conference
    • Walla Walla Youth Leadership Conference
  • Washington, DC:
    • National Community of Caring Conference
  • West Virginia:
    • West Virginia State Office of Education
  • Wisconsin:
    • Wisconsin Mid-State Technical College
    • Youth Opportunities Unlimited
  • Wyoming:
    • Bighorn School District
    • Casper School District
    • Cheyenne School District
    • Fremont School District
    • Gillette School District
    • National Teen Conference
    • Riverton School District
    • Wyoming Coaches Association
    • Wyoming FBLA Convention
    • Wyoming 4-H Leaders Conference
    • Wyoming Summer Institute
  • New York:
    • Saratoga Springs, New York, Safe Spring Conference
  • Plus hundreds of school based programs providing student body assemblies, youth leadership workshops and teacher professional development trainings.

    brad's favorite dozen books

    • Good to Great by Jim Collins

      Good to Great
      Jim Collins

    • The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck, M.D.

      The Road
      Less Traveled

      M. Scott Peck, M.D.

    • The Dog Poop Initiative by Kirk Weisler

      The Dog Poop Initiative
      Kirk Weisler

    • A Brief Hisotry of Time by Stephen Hawking

      A Brief History
      of Time

      Stephen Hawking

    • Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

      Ender's Game
      Orson Scott Card

    • Believing Christ by Stephen E. Robinson

      Believing Christ
      Stephen E. Robinson

    • Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor E Frankl

      Good to Great
      Jim Collins

    • The Greatest Salesman in the World by OG Mandino

      The Greatest
      Salesman in the

      Og Mandino

    • Life Is Tremendous by Charlie Jones

      Life Is

      Charlie Jones

    • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

      The 7 Habits of
      Highly Effective People

      Dale Carnegie

    • How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

      How to Win Friends
      & Influence People

      Jim Collins

    • The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis

      The Screwtape

      C.S. Lewis


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