Youth Leadership

Laugh out loud at the tricks and tales of this master dis-illusionist and discover for yourselves that you’ve got magic!

In this highly interactive youth leadership seminar, Brad leads you young leaders to reveal challenges unique to your fellow students; he empowers you to recognize opportunities in those challenges; and inspires you to engage in creating unique solutions.

Whether dealing with uncertainty, serving your school community, or improving your personal life, you already possess all you need to create a bright and successful future – just like magic!

He also leaves a primer so teachers will reinforce what they experience during your assembly.  Students are captivated and teachers rave!

Youth leaders will
  1. Gain a novel perspective on dangerous and destructive illusions among their peers. Illusions created through misdirection and mental conditioning.
  2. Appreciate their role in creating positive and constructive school and community values and social norms.
  3. Accept that they are the source of real magic in their lives – and in the lives of their friends.